Discover IIS Lagrange

Our courses

The Lagrange Institute is a large high school located in the northern area of Milan.  It includes four different curricula:

  • IPSEOA (Vocational school for food and wine services and hotel hospitality) which splits into: Tourist reception, Food-and-Wine, Room and sales services;

  • IeFP (Educational and professional training): Food production operator – Processing and manufacturing of pasta, bakery and pastry products (since 2021/2022) and Promotion and reception service operators – Tourist Services with the study of the Chinese language.

  • IT (Technical high school) – Technology with the following curricula: Electronics, Computing, Mechanics, Mechatronics.

  • Scientific high school which splits into: Applied sciences curriculum and Sports curriculum.


The Institute covers an area of 12,500 sqm within a 15.000 sqm green area and it’s comparable to an American-style campus. It was built in 2000 and it includes large indoor gyms, outdoor courts, tracks and pitches as well as laboratories: Eleven labs at IPSEOA (Hospitality, Kitchen, Reception) and ten labs for the IT and Scientific high school (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, CAD, Computing, Systems & Networks, Electronics, Technology & Design, Mechanics, Lathing, Welding and special machinery).


In our school there are several ongoing projects offering high quality formative experiences. Students have the opportunity to learn, grow, socialize, share challenging experiences and test their skills while being at the workplace.

Beyond school-wide projects - such as Health Education and Civics - each course also offers specific projects of its own.

IPSEOA sets up competitions – such as “Young barmen grow up” - intercultural dinners, celiacs’ dinners and Tasting and Enology courses.

At the Technical high school – Technological sector - several projects are offered focused on App development as well as Robotics.

The Scientific high school sets up meetings with outstanding people from the world of culture and sports.

Competitions and certificates

Moreover, we assist our students in achieving language certifications such as FCE, computing certifications, such as ICDL, and in preparing to university admission tests, such as TOL, which is required to enrol at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

We also take part in several national competitions, such as the maths contest at the Bocconi University, computing and the philosophy olympics.

English language strengthening

A high focus is kept on our Internationalization programme: study trips to the UK, teaching of non-linguistic disciplines in a foreign language, e-twinning.

Moreover, in the IPSEOA classes, some lessons are given in English, German and French so as to prepare our pupils to live in foreign environments. Some of these classes are taught by mother-tongue speaking teachers.

Since 2021 IPSEOA has joined the prestigious Erasmus+ programme, which offers paid internships in other European countries.